Dear Church Family,

     It is in this unprecedented season involving the COVID-19 pandemic that I write to you and hopefully deliver not only some news but I aim to offer some hope as well. As I am sure you are already very aware that our nation, as well as the entire world, is striving to develop strategies and protocols to best deal with this coronavirus outbreak.  I encourage you to continue to watch the news and take seriously the situation, following the steps and recommendations of the CDC as well as local and national officials. As such it is in this spirit of safety that I write to you to first inform you that, at the request of the Bishop, all Alabama-West Florida United Methodist Churches are asked to suspend activities until April.  This means, our church will be following the directions of the Bishop and suspending all activities until April 5th.

     While we will not meet in person for the next two weeks at our physical location, I encourage you to take this season of Lent, this pause in our lives, to seek God’s direction and grace. The church together will be in prayer not only for our local community but for those around the world that are dealing with this pandemic. I also encourage you to pray for our medical professionals and local, state, and federal workers. Lent is the time we are invited to pause from our busy lives and think about what separates us from our walk with God. During this special Lenten season, I invite you to pray, fast, and seek God’s guidance on your own life, as well as the life of the church. Remember your vows of your prayers, presence, service, gifts, and witness, and how these truths in action may continue to benefit the kingdom.

     We hope that after this suspension of activities, we will be able to meet back together on April 5th and continue services as usual. However, be on the lookout as this may change under the direction of either the Bishop or our local officials. The hope of this situation is that God is still working amid this season. This, while maybe surprising and alarming for us, has not taken God by surprise, nor is he alarmed. Through this situation, God, through work of the Holy Spirit, will continue to inspire his church across the world to react in love and compassion. If you find yourself in need during this season, please feel free to call me. While visitation will be extremely limited during this time, know that our prayers are with each other during this season. Included with this letter will be some devotional materials, some tithing envelops, and announcements about how we can still meet via Facebook during this season.


Stay Safe and May God Bless,

Rev. Bradley Chamblee

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